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Customer Testimonials for Auto Concepts

Jim G. - 2008 Ford F-250

I have never had such a great experience when shopping for a truck. Auto Concepts did not pressure me into buying a truck but gave me space to look and check out each truck that caught my eye. I had been to several different dealerships in the area comparing trucks and pricing walking out of a few due to the sales people. These guys listened to what I was looking for guided me to a few choices, up front and honest with me about cost etc. I shared with them that I was comparing different models of trucks and was not ready to purchase that day. I was amazed that they did not try to convince me to purchase on the spot, which is what the other dealers was working hard to convince me to do. They gave me a business card and told me when I make the decision to purchase please contact them. This is the only business card I kept that day. I went back a few weeks later and purchased my new truck. Great truck so far and Happy about my decision. Thank you Auto Concepts in Joliet. Wish their was other dealers like you guys in the area

Rich E. - 2006 Ford F-250

The staff at this dealership are professional and helpful. They will not mess with you on the price. The will give you the lowest price possible and make sure you are happy with the truck you pick. I recommend this place to all my friends.

Mike R - 2006 Ford F-350

I recently bought my truck from this dealership. Everything went smoothly and they had great customer service. They don't try to mess with you at this place they always give you the best price possible.

Jack B - 2008 Chevrolet Silverado

Let me start off by saying that my wife and I had an amazing experience with Auto Concepts. Very cool and helpful owner who took his time and effort to accommodate us in taking time finding the right diesel truck for us and our needs.

My wife and I just purchased a camper for our summer travels and needed a diesel truck to pull the camper with. We have been to multiple new and privately owned dealerships without any luck. Once we arrived at Auto Concepts, you can truly see the difference with there rust free Texas trucks (no salt = RUST FREE TRUCK). By the way, the truck ran and drove perfect all the way to Indianapolis, IN this past weekend. I can say without a doubt that we purchased a vehicle that I'm truly 100% satisfied with.

THIS is "The Way Car Buying Should Be"!!!!!

Tahani A. - 2008 Ford F-450

I just bought a truck at this dealership and everything went perfect. It was the exact make and model I was looking for and it was in my budget. I couldn't be happier with their professional customer service.